Do you value good design?
  Consider the things you use every day: the computer you're using right now, the chair you're
  sitting on, the clothes you're wearing.  Each was designed by someone. And how that item
  does its job - in a beautiful way, a merely adequate way, or an unsatisfactory way - is an
  indication of whether it was well designed, or poorly designed.
  Good design pays attention to three things: function, beauty and craft. Function is how the
  object works. Beauty is how the object appears. Craft is how the object is assembled, which
  takes into account not only function and beauty, but also economy – wasteful, inefficient design
  is bad design.
  Now consider how these apply to perhaps the biggest investment you’ll ever make:
                            your home.
  If you’re planning a new home, or some changes to your existing home, it’s worth your while to
  enlist the help of someone skilled in the art of home design.
  That’s what I do: I design new homes, additions and remodels. To schedule your free
  consultation and learn how I can help make your home’s design a good one, contact me